Kay (Surry Hills)

John from Plant Based Life has literally changed my life! I did the 8 week training and nutrition course and I got insane results (8cm off my waist, 2cm gained on my thigh, 1cm on my bicep and 1cm on my calf!) John is a fantastic personal trainer; he does exercises that are less likely to cause injury (resistance bands) and does a lot of body weight exercises, but keeps it interesting and strives towards your goals. He keeps the sessions short but more frequent (2x 30 min sessions per week), which really worked for me.

I saw a lot of improvements in my body, but the nutrition was incredible! John showed me a healthier eating lifestyle and advised foods to avoid/cut down in my diet. He gave me great suggestions in how to consume more fresh fruit and vegetables which was hard for me as I have a very busy lifestyle (I used to have a lot of microwave, I thought healthy meals, because I was out a lot!) He even got me eating green smoothies at breakfast which is a miracle (and people, you can get them to taste like fruit, not greens!) But, John is on hand to answer any questions you may have at any time, he is so open and helpful and non-judgemental. He’s just there to help you!

It’s not just the twice weekly personal training sessions in the course, but we had a group training session in the middle and end of the course and a nutrition class as well. It was great fun to meet all the other people in the course and the nutrition seminar was very informative. We received a leaflet with a mass of information in it and a menu of delicious smoothies to try!

It was nice to do the course with other people and there was a competition as well to entice you which was great! There was a fantastic first prize of a $100.00 voucher for a sports shop and money off further personal training sessions!

I cannot recommend John and the 8 week training course enough, I have completely changed my outlook on food and nutrition and my health. I feel that John has helped me to be on course to live a long and healthy life.