John Cawley's Story

Welcome! I’m John Cawley. I am a qualified Personal Trainer and founder of Plant Based Life.

I believe that the choices we make and the sedentary lifestyles that people are living is causing an epidemic of health issues that could be avoided. I believe that there are three elements that need to be in harmony for humans to lead healthy lives, they are how we move, (exercise), what we eat and drink, and our mind / body connection. I am committed to helping people from all walks of life to vastly improve their health, fitness and wellbeing through personal training, nutritional advice and adopting healthy lifestyle habits. At Plant Baded Life we will make sure that all Personal Trainers that work with us have this same approach to fitness, health & wellbeing.

I wasn’t always a Personal Trainer.

I used to work in the corporate IT world for many years and I have also worked in the entertainment industry as a DJ and Promoter for many years. I lived a life of excess and although I went to the gym reasonably regular my overall lifestyle was not a healthy one.  My diet was bad. I used to go out a lot and binge drink, and had a lot of the unhealthy habits that most people struggle with due to work related stress and my health deteriorated over the years. I had ongoing health conditions including Irritable Bowel Syndrome Prostatitis & Arthritis in my wrists and Knees from previous injuries.

I looked into many different types of conventional and alternative therapies for these conditions but in the end it was a solid commitment to living a healthy life and making exercise, nutrition, meditation and rehab exercises a priority that helped me to heal. I found that moving to a plant based  lifestyle and eating whole food plant-based has had a profound effect on my health and this led me towards following my passion to be a Personal Trainer and to help other people. I am committed to helping different people including older clients, and clients with injuries / disabilities. I train people of all ages and fitness levels and I have found that helping people improve in fitness, health an wellbeing to be a very rewarding experience.

I want to help people become more aware that they can make big improvements to their health, fitness and wellbeing by implementing effective exercise and nutrition. At Plant Based Life we will also continue to run documentary screenings and other networking events to help spread our message, we hope that you can come along to one of our events or start training with us :)

Here are My Fitness Qualifications;

  • Cert III in Fitness - AIPT
  • Cert IV in Fitness - AIPT
  • Functional Movement Systems Certificate Levels 1 & 2
  • Strength Training Level 1 –FiaFitNation
  • Dealing With Back Pain – FiaFitNation
  • Dealing With Knee Pain – FiaFitNation
  • Personal Training For Special Populations - FiaFitNation
  • Foam Roller & Myofascial Release - Active Anatomy
  • Rehabilitation Concepts – Active Anatomy
  • Pilates For Personal Trainers - Studio Pilates
  • Certified First Aid & CPR
  • with Fitness Australia
  • Certified with NDIS, (National Disability Insyrance Service) to train clients with Disabilities