What is Plant Based Food Coaching?

Optimum health is more than what we eat, and at Plant Based Life we firmly believes that we must learn to find a happy balance between healthy eating and enjoying a rich and fulfilling life. Dietary hang-ups and obsessions suck the joy for life and we want to help people overcome these negative beliefs. To be sustainable, a good diet must be healthy, enjoyable, affordable, easy to access and prepare.

This is where Food Coaching is extremely important, a Food Coach will help you implement simple steps to add more healthy whole food plant based food sources to your meals. We do not promote fad diets, but we look at your overall well-being and health while taking into consideration how much sleep you get, stress levels and current eating habits etc. Food Coaching is about much more than Food, we have qualified Food & Wellness Coaches at Plant Based Life.

Whether your goals are weight loss, changing to a healthy diet, preventing or treating illness, or dealing with food allergies and intolerances, food coaching will provide you with the knowledge, skills and support to achieve your goals.

Diet is connected to the majority of illness and disease from coughs and colds, joint pain, migraines, lack of energy, asthma, arthritis, insomnia, diabetes, ADD, ADHD, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, all the way through to chronic disease and cancer and everything in between. When the body has the right foods it can function properly and promotes much faster healing. Plant Based Nutrition combined with exercise and regular mindfulness practices will transform your life and we are here to help you to be the best version of yourself, and who you were born to be :)

You will be given a full nutritional assessment; providing you with lots of nutritional info and simple steps to implement healthier eating habits, easy and tasty recipes, shopping lists and much more. We will also help you understand how to eat healthy on a budget and explain options to buy organic produce much cheaper than in supermarkets. We will work with you to understand the body, help you set your goals and support you every step of the way.

Learn how to prepare delicious and nutritious meals for life that will bring out a more vibrant, healthier you. Making a lifestyle change will not just benefit you but your whole family. Children are especially affected by chemicals and other harmful ingredients in food which can result in behavioural issues, tantrums, disturbed sleep, night terrors, constipation, asthma, ADD and more. 

If you want help getting your diet on track and want to learn how to eat to lead a healthy and happy life contact us today.

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John Cawley

John Cawley

John Cawley is the founder of Plant Based Life. John is a Personal Trainer that believes every weakness can be turned into a strength and is passionate about instilling this belief with all clients. John has a lot of experience in helping clients who have had injuries, and is dedicated to helping everyone keep moving and leading a healthy lifestyle, with a big focus on movement, mobility and functional training.