Thrive on Plants in The Workplace

I founded my Company Plant Based Life in 2015 with the aim of helping as many people as possible to learn about the health benefits of a Plant Based lifestyle. I had already been working as a Personal Trainer for almost 2 years, but prior to this I had worked in numerous corporate IT jobs over a period of 27 years. I am a now food coach, pilates instructor and personal trainer with a big focus on optimising workplace productivity by implementing healthy habits.

Transitioning to a 100% Plant Based diet made up predominantly of raw fruits and vegetables has been transformative for me and helped me overcome some stubborn health conditions. Now I am on a mission to help others, and having seen the lack of healthy food options provided in the corporate workplace, I now organise ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions, where we talk about the value of food coaching,  healthy habits and plant based foods that will help improve employee productivity and their health and wellbeing.

The Plant Based Workplace is now becoming a reality with big Companies like Facebook leading the way. Let’s be honest a ‘Lunch & Learn Session’ talking about nutrition would be boring for the vast majority of people, so at Plant Based Life we come with a unique approach and concept. Not only do we explain the benefits of a plant based workplace, but we also combine this with a lot of audience interaction and work with partner companies to provide sample Plant Based meals for people to try. There is a big difference between talking about food and actually eating and enjoying it, pardon the pun, but the proof is in the pudding :)

Our Lunch & Learn Sessions also cover how a plant based lifestyle combined with mindfulness and exercise can revolutionise a workplace. They are delivered with lots of humour and stories of how adopting healthy habits have helped other Companies. If you are ready to learn how to thrive on plants in the workplace contact us today to book your ‘Lunch and Learn’ session.

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John Cawley

John Cawley

John Cawley is the founder of Plant Based Life. John is a Personal Trainer that believes every weakness can be turned into a strength and is passionate about instilling this belief with all clients. John has a lot of experience in helping clients who have had injuries, and is dedicated to helping everyone keep moving and leading a healthy lifestyle, with a big focus on movement, mobility and functional training.