Boosting Immunity on a Plant Based Lifestyle

There are many benefits to living a Plant Based Lifestyle and they include reducing inflammation and also boosting immunity. We have some videos on this and we also highly recommend our flu bomb to use a precautionary measure to catching flu /colds and other infections but also to help fight the symptoms if you do get sick, you can get the recipe for our Flu Bomb Here;


When you eat whole food plant based the majority of your foods include important nutrients that help with immunity and here are some good foods to include regularly;

  1. Garlic contains anti-viral compounds that effectively support immune cells to enhance their functioning.
  2. Ginger is a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory that is packed with phytochemicals that help support the immune system.
  3. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory capabilities and can boost antibody responses.
  4. Carrots  are packed with carotenoids
  5. Berries of all kinds are loaded with flavonoids, antioxidants and Vitamin C

Get Garlic in Ginger into your foods and drinks as much as you can, this includes hot drinks like our flu bomb but also in fresh juices etc. Both have proven effects on boosting immunity. As well as including these foods make sure you consume a wide array fruits and vegetables, especially dark leafy greens and Vitamin C rich fruits like Kiwi Fruit, Strawberries, Oranges and Papaya. Vitamin C plays a vital role in boosting immunity and it can be beneficial to supplement with an organic wholefood Vitamin C powder to boost levels quickly if you feel you are coming down with a cold / flu. The one we recommend is WILD C.

Another very important nutriient in regards to boosting immunity is Zinc. Zinc is a mineral that's important to the body in many ways. Zinc keeps the immune system strong, helps heal wounds, and supports normal growth. You can get Zinc from foods such as Hemp Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Chia Seeds, Flaxseeds, Sunflower Seeds, Legumes, Pine Nuts and Cashews.

Other Very Important Lifestyle Factors to reduce stress;

  • Mindfulness techniques & Meditation
  • Regular Exercise & Mindful Movement.
  • Getting adequate Sleep and rest and any activities that help you reduce stress on your body.
  • Breathwork Techniques, we recommend the Wim Hof Method as it has been scientifically proven to boost immune response in the human body.

When we say mindful movement we mean practices like Yoga and Pilates that help connect mind and body but it is also good to add some higher intensity exercise and strength work. Please be aware that high volumes of high intensity exercise can lower immunity and put more stress on your body so you need a balance. If you need any help or advice in regards to exercise contact our team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We offer online and in person Personal Training and 1 on 1 Pilates, and can help you with advice and exercise programs to train yourself. Another important factor in immunity is the body's ability to create T-Cells as described below.

T-Cells & Immunity.

T-cells play an essential role in supporting your immune system, and are responsible for defending your body against invading pathogens that could cause diseases and illnesses. T-cells, a kind of white blood cell, work by scanning our bodies, circulating through our blood stream, to detect cellular abnormalities and invading pathogens. They are absolutely essential to maintaining a healthy immune system, and our bodies could be devastated by the loss or reduction of these white blood cells.

A Healthy lifestyle is of prime importance incorporating everything listed above but what you eat will have the biggest influence on T-Cells.  Plant-based foods are extremely  beneficial to your immunity because fruits and vegetables are packed with antioxidants like carotenoids and flavonoids. Flavonoids are found in fruits, vegetables, and grains, and possess antiviral capabilities. They can also stimulate the activities of certain immune cells, including T-cells. Increasing your intake of foods packed with carotenoids can also boost immune health as well as T-cells, because this antioxidant protects cells from oxidative damage, enhances T-cell responses, and boosts killer T-cell functioning.   

John Cawley

John Cawley

John Cawley is the founder of Plant Based Life. John is a Personal Trainer that believes every weakness can be turned into a strength and is passionate about instilling this belief with all clients. John has a lot of experience in helping clients who have had injuries, and is dedicated to helping everyone keep moving and leading a healthy lifestyle, with a big focus on movement, mobility and functional training.