Healthy Habits To Support Immune System

It is always important to implement healthy lifestyle habits to support the immune system but now with everyone concerned about their health due to COVID it has brought this subject to the forefront. At Plant Based Life one of our main goals is to help people to support their immune system to lead a healthier life and to deal with any viruses or illnesses that may come along. Here are some good habits to implement.

1), Prioritise Sleep, aim to get 8 hours sleep a night, also try not to view your phone, computer or TV for at least 2 hours before sleeping. Also eat at least 2-3 hours before sleeping, and sleep in a dark room, with a window slightly open to have air flow. Also aim to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. There is so much we can talk about in regards to sleep and I highly recommend listening to this recent podcast interview that Rich Roll did with neuroscientist Matthew Walker on the topic of sleep; https://www.richroll.com/podcast/matthew-walker-600/

2) Start a Daily Meditation / Mindfulness and / or Breathwork practice. This crazy world we are living in now has a non stop flow of information and technology causing us distraction. It is more important than ever to find ways to switch off and calm our mind and bodies. I recently read an article that humans in the Western world consume more information in a day than humans did 100 years ago in their entire lifetime!. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of regular meditation practice. I do transcendental meditation, but start with any type that resonates with you.There are now iphone apps like Calm and others that allow you to do guided meditations. As well as meditation a regular breathwork practice is transformational, in fact just to take deep breaths when you feel stressed or anxious is a good start, work on the principle 4=6 seconds breath in, hold breath in deep in rib cage for 4 seconds and then 4-6 seconds on the breath out at least 6 times. I find it extremely powerful to breath in through the nose and out through the nose and the benefits of this are highly documented, check out https://oxygenadvantage.com/ . Also the Wim hof Method of breathing and cold exposure is very good for immune response and do this regularly; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaMjhwFE1Zw

3). Eat Health Plant Based Foods!!, how did you know we would advise this :), I cannot emphasise the importance of an alkaline rich array of plant foods, preferably organic and grown in nutrient rich soil. Also checkout the following links for foods, herbs and our immunity flu bomb and other tips for supporting immune system;



4). Regular Exercise, make sure to do an exercise that you enjoy and with the intention of improving your movement and overall health. Whether this is Pilates, HIIT, Swimming, Yoga, Weight Training, make sure to move your body at least 30 minutes daily, even going for a walk or slow jog. 

5). Help others less fortunate than you, whenever you get the opportunity to help someone in need. This will help the other person and the planet and also has the effect of helping you support your immune system and overall health. It has been scientifically proven that it is better for us to give rather than receive.

6). Get out in nature as often as possible, go for bush walks, climb mountains, walk on the beach, jump in the sea. Depending on where you live in the World your surroundings will be different. Breathe in the fresh air whenever you can, and take time to appreciate the beauty of nature.

John Cawley

John Cawley

John Cawley is the founder of Plant Based Life. John is a Personal Trainer that believes every weakness can be turned into a strength and is passionate about instilling this belief with all clients. John has a lot of experience in helping clients who have had injuries, and is dedicated to helping everyone keep moving and leading a healthy lifestyle, with a big focus on movement, mobility and functional training.