Plant Based Program

every Month for 3 Months

Plant Based Life Program

This is our program aimed at individuals that understand that Health is WEALTH, and that Plant-based is a lifestyle choice and a commitment, not a diet that you go and come off.

What you get - service components:-

educationemotional wellbeingvalue produce

toolstrackingfood prep

food tips

Introductory 6-week program - Getting Started on a Plant-Based Lifestyle (PBL):- 6 weekly email modules to give you all the practical information and tools you need to get started on the path to success

Plant-Based Coaching - 2  x 1 to 1 session per month.:- We all know that knowledge is power, but we don't all do what we know. Our qualified PBL coaches are there to guide and support you on your transformation (PBL) journey

Unlimited Online Pilates and Fitness Classes: - Access to comprehensive online (pre-recorded ) classes to enjoy at your leisure.

Plant-Based Nutrition 7 day Meal plan:- Created & curated by Australia's leading Nutritionist

Plant-Based Life Seminars:- Access to monthly seminars that bring people together, as the community is such an important driver of success

Plant-Based Life Knowledge Hub & Facebook Group:- Access to a multitude of worksheets, videos, and articles. Plus, a great forum where you and others can post your progress, ask questions, and share insights.

Total Dollar value if purchased as individual subscriptions would be $450 per month, but our intention has always been to support as many people as possible on their journey to better health

So, we have heavily discounted it to - $120 per Month