Supporting your Immune System Toolkit


Don’t let illness be your catalyst to change, in these challenging times take action and start to work on your physical & mental health..

Studies have shown the average western diet can promote disturbances in healthy intestinal micro -organisms. These microorganisms or microbes play a key role in your immune function.

We at PBL understand that and are big believers of the old saying “we are what we eat”

Studies have also shown deficiencies of single nutrients can alter the body’s natural immune response, having a quality diet, can prevent deficiencies in your nutrient intake . However, we cannot always eat a variety of nutritious foods, so in these cases a vitamin and mineral supplement can help to fill nutritional gaps. The same studies have shown that vitamin supplementation can improve immune responses

So as part of our supporting your Immune system program we have provided Australia's ONLY entirely natural vitamin C supplement and 100% Certified Organic Superfood Formula that provides the richest source of natural organic vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

PBL knows ( as studies has proven) that to support your immune system you need to take an holistic approach, Eat Well, Be Active and getting a good night’s rest are just few of many helpful tips that are provided in our supporting your immunity guide.

The PBL supporting your immune system guide is a 12 page ebook that provides handy tips, recipes, dietary and nutritional information on how to get the most of whole food Plant Based Lifestyle.

Here are just a few of the topics covered in the Ebook:-

  • Tips for surviving and thriving in uncertain times
  • The best foods to support your immunity
  • Healthy and delicious recipes
  • Organic food tips
  • The PBL guide to nutrients and where they can be found.
  • A mind & body tool kit.

As the saying goes knowledge is power, so PBL’s is here to empower you to make positive life changes, and the ebook is only part of the package.

We have looked at the latest research and studies to source the best multivitamin/mineral supplements on the market, and from what our clients are saying it seems that we have done a great job..

The supporting your immune system comes with the following two supplements.


Australia's ONLY entirely natural vitamin C supplement• Vitamin-c rich superfood blend, organically sourced from wild berries and greens• 100% whole food superfoods; does not contain any juice powders which may contain carriers• Does not contain any flavours, extracts, isolated vitamins and minerals, fillers or sweeteners. It tastes so natural and so delicious!


Premium certified organic plant-based ingredients free from flavors, juice extracts and masking agents• 100% wholefood blend, containing necessary phytonutrients to aid absorption and prevent nutrient imbalances

Perfect blend of organic alkalizing and antioxidising superfoods, creating natures most nourishing multivitamin

All major minerals, over 100 trace minerals like Boron, Colbalt, Copper, Nickel, Silicon to name just a few.

Provides 250% more Protein than meat (including chicken & fish)

All the major vitamins B (including B12),D,E,F,K

Essential Fatty acids,, Folic, Para-aminobenzoic & Pantothenic acids, Choline, Inositol, Boitin

Barley Grass and Wheat Grass grown in New Zealand

Australian grown Alfalfa Grass

Free radical destroying enzymes

So let us help you transform your confusion into clarity and embrace the many benefits that a Plant-Based Lifestyle can bring you.

Become the new you today.