Nutrition, Training & Food Coaching Seminar

This is a Special Seminar that is Free for all Plant Based Life Clients. There will be a cost of $15 per person for people who are not Plant Basedpp Life clients.

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Sunday 11th February
5pm to 9pm

The Art Of Life
96 Queens Rd, Hurstville NSW

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For this special seminar we will have the following people talking on the night and answering questions from the audience:

Robyn Chuter (Nutritionist)
Robyn is one of the leading Plant Based Nutritionists in Australia and age will be talking about nutrition in relation to exercise. Visit Robyn's website at empowertotalhealth.com.au

Kate Bradley (Food Coach)
Kate will be talking about the food coaching service that she offers clients. This will be an in-depth talk covering all aspects of food coaching and how it is applied to get optimal results.

Jay Logan (Personal Trainer)
Jay will be talking about all aspects of Personal Training and the methods he uses with clients to get the best results. Get more info on Jay here.

John Cawley (Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor & Functional Movement Specialist)
John will be talking about using Pilates and Functional Movement as well as other aspects of Personal Training. Get more info on John here.