Learn How To Optmise Sleep, Mood & Deal with Stress with Food & Wellness Coaching 16th Feb 2020

In this workshop we will be presenting the benefits of healthy lifestyle habits and a plant based lifestyle to help with optimising your sleep, mood and improving your overall energy levels. We will also focus heavily on stress and it's impact on the human bosy with ttips on how to minimise this. Here is a sunnary of the points that will be presented;
- How your mood and sleep can be directly affected by the foods that you eat
- How to implement more healthier meal options and include the correct plant based foods to enhance your sleep quality and mood
- The overall benefits of Food & Wellness Coaching and how this can help you in may areas of your life
- Tips on dealing with stress and how mindful movement and exercise can help profoundly with this and improving your mood
- The best plant based foods for you to help with mood and sleep, and how different foods can assist different people when taking into consideration, age, fitness levels, health conditions etc
- How Work / life balance can be addressed to reduce stress and improve mood / sleep
- General Food Coaching tips on where to buy produce and food, and simple steps to getting more plants on your plate :)