Fitness Training, Nutrition and Life Coaching Seminar

Do you want to get informative answers to the following questions;
How to get motivated to start a regular exercise program?
What is the best type of fitness training for your individual requirements?
How do I get all the required nutrients for optimum health and fitness on a plant based diet?
Whate are the benefits of different forms of exercises such as functional training. Resistance training, outdoor group fitness. Pilates, yoga etc
How do I transition to a plant based lifestyle?
What is Life Coaching and how can it help me?

If you want answers to these questions or similar ones on the associated topics then we have organised the perfect event for you.

Featuring Special Guest Presenters;

Fiona Halar, (Nutritionist, Exercise Scientist & Personal Trainer)

Sonya Furlong, (Yoga Teacher & Life Coach)

John Cawley, (Functional Movement Specialist, Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor)

Plant Based Life has setup this event with the aim to inform people of the optimum ways to train and fuel the human body to achieve great results in health and fitness. There will also be a lot of information in regards to nutrition, the mind / body connection and life coaching. This event is free for all the people on our 8 week challenge and existing Plant Based Life clients and tickets are $15 for everyone else.

There will also be a small selection of Plant Based food available on the night and full info on the food that will be available will be posted here soon.


Fitness Training, Nutrition and Life Coaching Seminar