The aim of Plant Based Life is to promote a plant based whole food eating plan for all of our clients, when it comes to nutrition we keep it simple, it is best to consume foods as close to nature intended as possible. A wide array of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes etc. We believe in consuming  raw fruits and vegetables regularly and to incorporate smoothies and juices as well.

Do you…
Want to have more energy and feel satiated throughout the day?
Want to provide your family the most nutritious meals within your budget?
Sometimes feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of ‘health food’ choices now on the market?
Want to feel more balanced in your moods?
Want to feel more motivated and wish you could spring out of bed in the morning?
Need to overcome a sugar addiction or other attachments around food or emotional eating?
Require guidance with meal planning and prepping?
Want to make a change for life?

If you answered yes to some or all of the questions above then you need to contact us to book in an introductory food coaching session to work out a plan for you, for clients who may have existing health conditions we can refer you to a fully qualified Nutritionist for more detailed nutritional advice.